Find Out The Best Interior Design Company in Trivandrum 2024


To summarize, Mojohomes is the Best interior design company in Trivandrum for procuring outstanding and innovative interior designing services in Trivandrum. Quality down to the excellent and exceptional is the driving force of Mojohomes; this is affirmed by offering a free consultation where our professional architect will set time apart and listen to your vision for your project. To this, we work with your ideas and choices in mind so that you can receive the best planning experience suitable to your area.

Vision of Interior Design Company

Welcome to Mojo Homes – We offer you an _end-to-end_ service to get your desired home built. We offer you the best of architecture services, stunning 3D designs, and quality construction solutions, ensuring that we take you through every proces to offers you that dream home.

How to Choose the Best Company?

You should define what you want to achieve, how much money you are ready to spend, and how much time you can invest into it. If you are not specific regarding whether you prefer contemporary or art deco, search for shapes and outlooks, which will be suitable for you and your family members, not only as for the style but also the function of the object.

  • Visit the model homes or Designer Home Exhibits. Enquire for the interior designer’s name if you are impressed with the interior design.
  • Check out the portfolio of the builder and the architect and ask for contacts of interior designers that they may recommend.
  • If you like the interior design of your friend’s or a relative’s house, then ask the name of the interior designer who has given you such a beautiful look.
  • Before you go ahead and hire a particular designer, make sure that you have established the charges of the designer. It is useful to know how prices of interior design services are determined and the factors that affect them. The fact that you can set expectations with one price that does not change is good for your pocket in the long run.
  • Last but not least; let me stress that it is important that you do your research. Client reviews are usually featured on interior design websites in a special section.
  • Consider those and notice how they affect you. If you get a creeped out feeling then maybe it is not for you.

Qualified contractors, architects, interior designers, and furniture makers are eager to work hard toward achieving the set goals that may be present in the construction of beautiful homes. Since we understand that your environment – whether it is your home or the workplace – makes you strives for more and we are a pleasure to help you succeed. Therefore, for getting your dream home done, Mojohomes, being the Best interior design company in trivandrum, are always by your side.

Final Thoughts

They are masters at combining older structures with new ones, to provide their work, a style that is out of the ordinary. Due to the color, space, and materials that have been incorporated, it is rather hard to rival our appearance. We are committed to the provision of a client-centered strategy. To ensure that at the end of the process, we come up with a design that meets the client’s expectations, we ensure that the client is involved in the entire design process.


1. What is the salary of an interior designer in and around Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala?

In respect to the Kerala area, an interior designer may be expected to earn a total of around ₹22,000 each month, including an average of ₹21,000. The median values of the ranges which can be estimated from our proprietary and widely used Total Pay Estimate tool that is based on the data about salaries of our users are given below.

2. What is the minimum amount of money that can be spent in interior designing?

The scope of the minimum budget for interior design is Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 depending on the specific interior design.

3. Are interior designers well-off in their professions?

Even though interior design is one of the most profitable industries, high-paying jobs in this field cannot be grabbed easily. Another disadvantage of being an interior designer is that one is likely to be paid a low salary at the beginning of the job especially if one is self-employed or working for the company.